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Australopithecus anamensis: KNM-KP 29283

  • Geologic Age:

    4.17 Ma - 4.12 Ma

  • Discovery Date:


  • Discovered By:

    W. Mangao

  • Discovery Location:

    Kanapoi, Kenya

  • Specimen Age:


  • Sex:


  • Original Publication:

    Ward CV et al., 2001

    KNM-KP 29283 is a nearly complete adult maxilla that exhibits signs of weathering1. Although the lateral incisors (not pictured) were recovered separately, nearly all teeth for the specimen are present except the left first incisor and the right third molar. The maxilla is broken into two halves along the midline, and articulates together anteriorly.

    1. Ward CV, Leakey MG, and Walker A. 2001. Morphology of Australopithecus anamensis from Kanapoi and Allia Bay, Kenya. Journal of Human evolution 41:255-368

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